Ngam Restaurant Kitchen


Since 2011, Ngam restaurant has been the home to some of New York City’s finest and most innovative Thai cuisine. We are located in the East Village neighborhood, steps away from Union Square Park.

Hoping to bring a fresh perspective on Thai food, our Chef Hong Thaimee, sought to elevate the standard of her homeland’s cuisine by merging traditional flavors with farm fresh local ingredients — all within the context of what she calls “Modern Thai Comfort Food”.

Ngam Restaurant

Time Honored Preparations

In every dish, we exercise great care and skill by respecting the artisanship of traditional Thai components, such as hand pounded papaya salads, freshly ground curries, and long simmering sauces. We also employ modern kitchen techniques to maximize the flavor of certain dishes. Most importantly, we believe that every dish should be served with the best ingredient of all: Love.

Ngam Restaurant Dish

Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Sourcing

As we believe the freshest ingredients are the tastiest ingredients, we try to source all of our produce from local farms when possible and respect the seasonality of ingredients. We serve only hormone-free beef, chicken and pork as well as use organic and cage free eggs and dairy products in our dishes. We strongly believe in responsible sourcing and only use seafood not on the endangered seafood list.

Some of the local farms and purveyors we partner with include:

  • Cascun Farm — Greene, NY
  • Migliorelli Farm — Tivoli, NY
  • J. Glebocki Farms — Goshen, NY
  • Clawhammer Farm — Lisle, NY
  • My Famous Butcher — Queens, NY
  • Norwich Meadows Farm — Norwich, NY

Ngam Thai Restaurant

Here to Serve You

Coming from the “land of smiles”, we believe the traditions of Thai hospitality and service are an important part of your dining experience.

We are absolutely enthusiastic about providing the highest level of service to our guests and we want you to feel like a part of our family–where you will always have a seat at the table, and there will always be a plate of delicious food waiting for you!